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Terms and Conditions - Trada.net
By entering Trada’s website, www.trada.net (“Site”) the user accepts the following general terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) posted on the Site. The user accepts the Rules of Auction as posted on the Site (“Rules of Auction”). The user declares that they are over 18 years of age and entitled to enter into a legally binding transaction. Trada makes no guarantee, warranty or representation, expressed or implied, regarding the condition or merchantability, accuracy, reliability, timeliness, condition or fitness of the information or communication services offered for any particular use or purpose.
  • The Trada airtime auction services offered online on the Site (“Auction Services”) are open to users with a mobile telephone number. This number will be used to identify all customers making use of the Auction Services (“Users”) and will constitute their username for that purpose.
  • Only the last 4 digits of the User’s mobile number will be shown on any public screen to protect the identity of the User.
  • The Auction Services are open and available to all mobile telephone subscribers worldwide.
  • Users may elect to bid on any of the available auctions as indicated on the Site at the time. The corresponding item up for auction for the chosen auction will be shown on the Site. The corresponding items awarded (“Winnings”) to the winning bidder as per the Rules of Auction (“Winning User”) will usually comprise electronic airtime vouchers.
  • Where it is however not possible or practical to provide airtime vouchers as Winnings to the Winning User, Trada reserves the right to award Winnings of equivalent value to the Winning User.
  • For South African Users
    • The Trada Auction Services are open to all Vodacom, MTN and Cell C mobile contract and prepaid subscribers in South Africa
    • Airtime Winnings for Vodacom can only be deposited into Vodacom prepaid subscribers accounts. Any Vodacom contract subscriber who may win airtime needs to nominate any prepaid number of their choice to recharge airtime Winnings to.
    • Winnings are usually recharged within 15 minutes from receiving the request from the Winning User.
    • MTN & Cell C mobile subscribers’ Winnings will be in the form of an airtime voucher (recharge pin) received via a text message.
  • Users are only permitted to use their own mobile telephone number and Trada will use text messages where relevant to identify the User.
  • The period of validity of promotions will be specified and clearly shown on the Site.
Limitation of liability
In no event shall Trada or any of its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, directors, consultants and employees be liable for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages or any legal costs resulting from any legal action as a result of the use of this Auction Service.
The liability of Trada for damages, losses or claims of whatsoever nature, whether delictual or otherwise, resulting from the use of the Site, the Auction Services, any breach of this Terms and Conditions, or resulting from or relating to any performance of Trada in terms of, or actions of Trada pursuant to these Terms and Conditions and/or in rendering the Auction Services, shall be limited to ZAR 5000 in all circumstances including but not limited to, in consequence of any bona fide mistake, negligent act or misrepresentation of Trada.
Trada have the right to amend and revise the Terms and Conditions and Rules of Auction at any time. Revised Terms and Conditions or Rules of Auction shall come into effect once they have been posted on the Site.
Once the Trada website has been entered after the date on which the Terms and Conditions have changed, Trada will treat the entering of the Site as acceptance of the updated Terms and Conditions.

Buying Bids
Once bids are purchased they can be used to exercise one saying/quote per bid and free entry into any of the auctions on offer.
Unless otherwise specified, all amounts, tariffs and prices are quoted in South African Rand. All fees and applicable taxes associated with the Auction Services offered by Trada on the Site are payable upfront by means of a valid payment method, as indicated on the Site from time to time. Trada reserves the right to withhold any Winnings and to block access to Users in the event of a User failing to comply with the Terms and Conditions and/or Rules of Auction as applicable from time to time.

The services offered on the Site and the Site as such may not be used for any unlawful purpose. Trada retains the right to provide, on demand of a court of appropriate jurisdiction or any competent authority, information regarding the use of any service offered on the Site upon the issuance of a subpoena or any other kind of summons or similar notice issued by such competent authority.

Trada reserves the right to disable, block or close any account of any User on the Site at any time without having to give any reason or explanation for doing so. Trada reserves the right for any Winnings or funds of or due to a User to be forfeited should such steps be reasonably justified due to the User’s failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions, Rules of Auction, or any relevant regulatory requirements of any relevant authority having jurisdiction over the User or the services offered on the Site, and which have the force of law in such jurisdiction.

It is specifically stated that the use of electronic scripts or any other third party tools including, without limitation, any software and/or equipment that will aid the User in the bidding process and/or give the User an unfair advantage over other Users in any way, are strictly forbidden.

The Auction Services are currently only offered, and all auctions presented on the Site can currently only be played in the English language. Neither Trada nor any of its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, consultants, directors, and employees shall be liable for losses or claims resulting from any misinterpretation or misunderstandings of the Terms and Conditions or the Rules of Auction by any User.

Information presented on the Site may from time to time contain typographical errors, inaccuracies, or omissions. Trada reserves the right to correct any such errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update information at any time without prior notice (including after Users have made use of the Auction Services on the Site but prior to having received any Winnings).

Winnings delivered by post may only be sent to addresses in the Republic of South Africa. It is the User’s responsibility to provide a correct address. Trada shall not be liable nor provide any warranty for the safe delivery of Winnings or for any technical errors resulting in incorrect recharging of prepaid airtime accounts.

Every timer auction ends when the remaining time reaches zero and the user who was the last to bid then wins the auction. For count auctions the auctions ends when the relevant bid number is reached. For BID2WIN & BID&WIN the auction endings are random. All other bids placed on the item expire and will not be credited back to your airtime account nor will you be eligible for a refund for such bids. The Winning User is determined based on the records in Trada’s database and Trada’s decision regarding who is the last bidder shall be final.

Trada shall not be held responsible for any outages both on its systems, the internet and any mobile sites. Any auctions or bids lost or perceived to be lost due to these outages will not be refunded under any circumstances. Trada provides no guarantee for nor warrants the constant and uninterrupted availability of its website and technical systems. In addition to the provisions of limited liability set forth above,Trada shall not be liable for damages that occur due to bids submitted by any User which have not been received by Trada in consequence to any technical failures.

Trada shall not be responsible for website links on the Site or the websites connected to these links and which are or may be presented on or accessed via the website.

Trada has the right to communicate with registered users via sms or email

Returns Policy
Only unused bids purchased through PayPal may be refunded. All requests for a refund must be submitted in writing via email to support@trada.net. An administration charge equivalent to ZAR 50 or 5 Euro per refund request will be charged to process any such request. Funds will only be refunded to the original account from which payment was made.
Winnings delivered by post may not be exchanged or substituted for cash.

Privacy Policy
All confidential information obtained about or from a User, including their mobile telephone number and email address, will be kept strictly confidential at all times and will not be divulged to any person, entity or body unless instructed by a court of law with the appropriate jurisdiction.

Dormant or Inactive accounts with unused bids
Dormant or inactive accounts are defined as accounts which have not been used for a continuous period of 6 months. Trada reserves the right to charge an administration fee to these accounts. The charge will be in the form of 5 bids per month by reducing the User’s bid balance.
Trada reserves the right to remove and delete any account on which the bid balance has been zero for a period of 3 months or longer.

The use of this service constitutes your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

All queries must be made by email to support@trada.net. Trada will endeavour to deal with queries within 48 hours depending on the nature of the query. Trada does not however warrant any query will be responded to within this timeframe.

Applicable law
Any questions relating to these Terms and Conditions which are not expressly or implicitly settled by the provisions contained in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the law of England and Wales.

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